Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week in Seven Words #61

I'm loaded down with work. In response, I start considering all the movies I'd like to watch.

The weather is a slap to our face, spring giving us a cold shoulder.

What happens to the emails I send that don't arrive? I see them dissolving at high speed, the words turning into a sparkling dust.

It's possible for the brain to feel grungy, like it's been sitting in a bucket of mop water.

Peeping out from the tortured syntax and the litter of logical fallacies is a glimmer of truth.

I don't know what it is about a spoonful of whole milk vanilla yogurt - a bit of peace and calm in every corner of your mouth.

The sentences look as if they're trying to cohere into paragraphs but can't. They're too spattered. Sort of like a jellyfish trying to walk on land, it won't happen. There's a ways to go yet, in their evolution as solid structured papers.


ramona said...

Wonderful week of words! My eyes lit up at the whole milk vanilla yogurt, an apt description.
You've earned it. Indulge in a few niceties:)

naida said...

Great words. I can relate to cinematic. And the thought of ether
is almost cute.
Enjoy your weekend :)

John Hayes said...

A really delightful collection! I especially like "ether" & "grungy!"

Lucy said...

Sounds like you need a whole vanilla yoghurt to yourself in front of a good movie! Hope you get to enjoy it soon.

HKatz said...

Thanks for all your delightful comments and observations (I plan to do a vanilla yogurt and movie night at some point seriously!)

Relyn said...

That's a perfect description! My brain feels grungy sometimes, too.