Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week in Seven Words #57

Jerked out of sleep early morning by the thought of how much I need to get done in less than two months.

Reflecting on someone else's behavior I suddenly get insights into my own.

Her teasing has enough truth, humor and kindness that I dissolve in laughter.

The rain twinkles in deep black puddles; the raindrops hit the water in starbursts.

Each word is a pearl or a drop of poison.

A man cries out in grief, in a corridor that's usually full of greetings and loud conversation.

When people tell me their plans their eyes are intense, their words intent; they think that if their description is sufficiently detailed, they'll find themselves in their desired reality, their dreams concrete. For a moment their words allow them to inhabit that reality and step into the shoes of their ideal future self.


ramona said...

Willing-What an insightful yet uncanny comment on this word. I also liked your comment on mirrored. Interesting when this happens isn't it.

Cottage Garden said...

I will never view the word utter in the same way again! Quite brilliant.


naida said...

Wonderful week is words as always.
So true about 'utter'.

patteran said...

How truer this becomes as we get older.
The waking dream. How many are so intensely driven that they step beyond description and narrative and into their ideal future self.

Relyn said...

twinkling is my favorite type of rain. What we have today is better described as deluge and heading toward flood.

And, willing? That one is so very true that I am stunned by you and the depth of your ability to to observe the truth.