Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week in Seven Words #57

Jerked out of sleep early morning by the thought of how much I need to get done in less than two months.

Reflecting on someone else's behavior I suddenly get insights into my own.

Her teasing has enough truth, humor and kindness that I dissolve in laughter.

The rain twinkles in deep black puddles; the raindrops hit the water in starbursts.

Each word is a pearl or a drop of poison.

A man cries out in grief, in a corridor that's usually full of greetings and loud conversation.

When people tell me their plans their eyes are intense, their words intent; they think that if their description is sufficiently detailed, they'll find themselves in their desired reality, their dreams concrete. For a moment their words allow them to inhabit that reality and step into the shoes of their ideal future self.