Monday, January 24, 2011

Week in Seven Words #51

At his birthday dinner his daughter slips letters under our plates. At some point in the evening we will each come up with a different blessing and well-wish for him that starts with the letter that we got.

The elevator doors open revealing two rows of empty chairs, facing forward. I imagine stepping in, sitting on one, and being whisked away to a floor that doesn't exist.

The delight of finding that all the library books on the list are there, exactly where they should be on each shelf. On the way to the checkout counter I cradle them against me as if they are newly born and in need of a home.

The pleasant shock of a warm room after a long walk in the windy cold.

On a Thursday evening, looming deadlines seem distant.

The edge of the spoon skims across the stew; pieces of fish, potato and carrot brush against each other. The spoon sinks deeper, tilts, fills with chunky creamy stew. The lunch hour lasts longer if you linger over each spoonful.

In my mailbox I find a glittering gold bag containing an insectile windup toy and a small blue dog.


m. heart said...

I love the idea of the letter-inspired well-wishes and blessings.

Was just reflecting this morning on how long it's been since I've visited a decent library. There's truly nothing like that armload-of-books feeling.

naida said...

I can relate to 'expedition'. There is something special about finding those library books and taking them home for a short while.

I like 'gradient' as well. I know the feeling, especially now in this winter weather :)

John Hayes said...

A charming collection! Love the insectile windup toy & small blue dog, & was quite delighted by "beckon."

Relyn said...

Oh, I have too many illusions of my own. Fun, but they sure make Mondays a scurry.