Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week in Seven Words #49

A quick fierce hug when words sting and words can't wholly mend.

I've made my home a little winter den, where I've holed up most of the week, picking away at work, reading by lamplight, storing up some energy for the coming months.

Tipsy on daiquiris and the wildest thing they do is play Scrabble. I love them.

Outside the library, as I tuck books into my backpack, a squirrel hops up on the bench beside me. It cocks its head at me and crimps its hands close to its chest. I wish I had something to give it.

The snow looks like tissue paper torn up and puffed on by the wind.

Watching the sunrise on a heavily clouded day. The sky starts off charcoal, lightens to lead, shifts to cobalt and settles at last on the tranquil blue-gray of an agate stone.

A pool of light, a game board, a plate of rolled figs covered in coconut shavings.


Lucy said...

Playing Scrabble while under the influence is often a bit of a disaster as I remember!

'Den' sounds like a very good idea.

naida said...

I love 'clinch'...its true, a hug can say what words sometimes can't.
I like the image you create with 'kleenex'...very nice!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love your description of the squirrel!

John Hayes said...

Kleenex is a very precise image of falling snow--snow of a certain texture & size--but it would never have occurred to me. Petrology is also vivid; & giddy brought a smile to my face!

Relyn said...

Of course I love all your words and your stunning vocabulary. You are going to laugh at what strikes me here, though. What a great snack! Rolled figs and coconut. Yum.