Sunday, December 26, 2010

Profiles of Snowpeople

On the last day of 2009 I took a long walk through New York City and came across several snowpeople: Bob, Estella, Harry, Charmaine, Phil, and Sandra.

P1000909 Bob lives life on the edge. He loves fun, thrills, and mugging for photos that he shares with his 1,079 Facebook friends. Across the water is his favorite girl, Lady Liberty; if he had to choose he would pick her over Lady Luck, most days.

P1000911 Estella is an abstracted artist and armchair philosopher. Sometimes she's not sure that she exists; she might have had arms at one point, or eyes, or maybe she only imagined that she did. She will sublimate one day, she's fairly sure, and wonders if as a gaseous vapor she will still be Estella or become something else entirely.

P1010040 Harry woke up with a hangover today, and the light still hurts his eyes. Why get drunk the night before New Year's Eve? Harry doesn't remember the last time he celebrated anything with real happiness.

P1000932 Charmaine has a taste for the exotic. She's dreamt of traveling to tropical lands and sipping pinacoladas to the sound of surf and steel drums. She knows that this is an impossible dream for a snowperson, but she does her best to live it anyway and liven up her cold life here with a touch of the sultry and exotic.

P1000931 Phil is pretty sure the world is going to end soon. The stroke of midnight sounds about right. He can feel the ground giving out from under him every hour.

P1000933 Sandra hates being made out of snow. She figures that if she wants to stick around for many more seasons she'll need to graft herself onto something that lasts, like a tree. But nature can't accommodate a tree-snowperson hybrid, not for long.


naida said...

I love this post!! poor Estella.

m. heart said...

The perfect post to start a snow day with!

Cottage Garden said...

Love this post HKatz - it must have been fun snowman-spotting!

I hear the snow has been pretty bad in New York over the past day or so. Wrap up warm and keep safe.


Claire said...

That was so funny! All those poor snowpeople living complicated lives, thinking complicated thoughts. I imagine that is you got them all together you would have a very interesting party.

About Whistler and the Prairie picture- did you make that up or is that a short story? I'm captivated by it either way.


patteran said...

We have so much to learn from these wraiths living at the margin of our lives. Thank you for bringing us their stories.

Lucy said...


Crafty Green Poet said...

Brilliant! Very entertaining and lovely snowpeople!

Best wishes for 2011!

John Hayes said...

Crafty Green Poet used my word already--the "b" one! I love Sandra, Estella & Harry in particular.

HKatz said...

So glad you all enjoyed; a happy 2011 to you too!

Relyn said...

I really love this creative, fun, delightful post. Love it!