Sunday, July 11, 2010

Week in Seven Words #23

Ice cream, half-scooped and half-puddled, seeps through the mouth and dissolves on the tongue. Heat, sweat and sweetness on a summer afternoon.

The flowers dip their long green fronds in the water, the way people might sit at the edge of a swimming pool and paddle their feet.

Watching them play it's difficult to predict when they'll get along peaceably and when they'll slip into mischievous pestering or earnest scuffles. Another possibility is that they'll drift to different parts of the room and focus on individual pursuits involving characters, shoes, blocks, blankets, keyboards and cars.

Whole days, derailed. A sick gnawing anxiousness and pain.

The fountain is full of cool fire. Plashing white plumes surge out of its basin, and the sun is shattered on its waters.

Sometimes he invests the word with just a little too much power; he thinks that any bit of mischief or inflicted hurt will be instantaneously undone with the utterance of an earnest 'sorry'.

Flags ripple against a light blue sky.