Monday, May 10, 2010

Week in Seven Words #14

His voice over the phone feels like a close hug.

The daffodils had passed the weeks partying, chattering brightly, but they're worn out now; they droop over each other and hang brown and queasy over the borders of their plot.

The week starts out with a strong assertion of summer - blasts of dry heat, insistent sunshine. On the last couple of days though the heat collapses, and the wind and coolness of early spring ease back in, as if to soothe a fever.

It's as if I'm on a rock-strewn slope; my feet keep slipping and my hands scramble for a stable hold.

Into the muddle of the everyday comes music from centuries ago, aching and solemn.

Halfway to the second floor I pause by the window. Out of a tangle of branches a bird swoops out and seems to hang for a few moments motionless, before finally pushing against the wind and continuing on its course.

I wish to tiptoe along on the lightness of the evening. Cool air and cautious joy mingle.


naida said...

I like both tiptoe and cuddle. Cuddle especially reminds me of my husband.
Happy Monday!

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is excellent, very nice concept. I love the hangover. Your blossom photos in the last post are wonderful.

John Hayes said...

It's amazing how "hungover" indeed daffodils seem once they've gone by! I like "overtire" & "suspended" very much too. Excellent as always. & I agree with Crafty Green Poet about the blossom photos.

HKatz said...

Thanks, all!

The blossom photos give me a feeling of nostalgia at this point in the season (as does the thought of the daffodils in their prime).