Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Day is done, gone the sun..."

A photo of Washington Square Park in Philadelphia, the location of the Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier: Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness.

We remember and honor the men and women of our military.

Audio of SGM Woody English, U.S. Army Band, playing Taps.

Here's an interesting site on the history of the bugle call, Taps, played at military funerals and memorial events.

And some of the verses often set to the twenty-four notes:

Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lake, from the hills,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Fades the light; And afar
Goeth day, And the stars
Shineth bright,
Fare thee well; Day has gone,
Night is on.

Thanks and praise, For our days,
'Neath the sun, Neath the stars,
'Neath the sky,
As we go, This we know,
God is nigh.


naida said...

Nice post!
Happy Memorial Day.

HKatz said...

I hope you had a good weekend too!

Relyn said...

I had to thank you for your comment on my latest poetry post. Your thoughts about the poem were incredible. I found myself wishing that I could illuminate a poem so well. Are you a teacher? I'm thinking maybe you should be.

HKatz said...

Are you a teacher? I'm thinking maybe you should be.

Thank you. I love teaching; I've taught mainly adults, but I have some experience tutoring children too (mostly junior high school age).

And I really enjoy your poetry posts. They often introduce me to poems (or poets) I haven't come across, and I like how the comments section becomes a place where people can reflect on or react to them.