Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where (and how) do you do your best work?

Artists' Working Methods

In varying states of undress, like John Cheever and Victor Hugo? In a spirit of spitefulness, like Ibsen? Or, like Emily Dickinson, while carrying out the housework?


Eberle said...

I like to write before dawn, after an hour or so of meditation in my oratory. Before I started meditating I had had a 25-year habit of getting up and writing before doing anything else - except for making coffee - and it was a shock to me when, a couple of years ago, I started wanting to meditate first. But it's great, now that I've gotten used to it. When I'm working hard, I prefer not to talk with anyone (even my husband) and don't answer the phone or look at email during this time. I like to wear totally comfortable clothes and to have an Animal or two nearby to help me - different Animals help with different things.

HKatz said...

Thank you for sharing this. Sometimes I find it difficult to attain a state of focus - it can feel like there are so many competing claims on my attention - that I wonder if trying meditative exercises would help. When I do settle into writing I often can focus - but it's getting to that state of concentration that can be difficult. I also like that you have Animals nearby (anyone who's visited your wonderful blog gets a sense of what an inspiration they are).

I also find that walking clears the mind and stirs up new ideas. And walking can be a kind of meditation, the body and mind finding its rhythm - and you open yourself up to the world.

And yes, I love the quiet; once I settle in to writing I try to avoid interruptions. In general, I find myself writing most late in the evening or at night. I'll often be in pajamas too :)