Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog-world appreciation

This is an exciting find:

At Crystal Calliope, another version of a week in seven words (and some kind words about my blog - thanks!). I especially like her characterization of "words" and her reflection on "unrest".

Also a few weeks ago I received a "Sunshine Award" from a writer whose blog, Platypuss-in-Boots, I recommend you all visit. There's nothing quite like it - it's imaginative, thought-provoking, funny, and full of wonder (and wonderful writing).


John Hayes said...

This blog is certainly deserving of recognition! & of course, I agree with you 100% on Platypuss-in-Boots!

HKatz said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment (and yes, somehow I had the feeling you'd agree with my opinion on Platypuss-in-Boots!)