Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tree-magicians and waterbirds

Since childhood I've enjoyed anthropomorphizing trees. Actually I enjoy anthropomorphizing creatures and objects in general, but for trees I have a special fondness. They've got so much character, and in the winter especially when they're stripped of concealment their striking nature emerges.

Sometimes I see them as spell casters. Like this one, gathering his powers, assuming the pose in which he will unleash his magic:

The gnarled fingers touch the lake

Which then becomes a place where ducks can paddle through the architecture

And sea gulls can strut across moonscapes

(Central Park, NYC, late December '09.)


John Hayes said...

What a magical photo sequence!

The Crow said...

I followed your response left at Box Elder.

I've enjoyed your spell-casting tree and photos.

Lucy said...

Great, I especially liked the ducks in the architecture.

HKatz said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed. Central Park is a magical place to me.

naida said...

beautiful photos, thank you for sharing ;)

Blodeuedd said...

Those pics are really lovely