Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week in Seven Words #1

I think I'm going to start a regular feature on this blog. Find seven words associated with seven impressions, memories, and distinctive moments of the past week.

I'm inspired to do this largely by a couple of blogs I've recently discovered - Three Beautiful Things and Now's The Time.

So without further ado, here's the past week in seven words:

The snowman looks like it's wearing a hoop skirt, and two sodden twig arms stick out of its sides. From the window at dusk, it resembles a girl, frozen mid-spin. Snowflakes dance around her.

"This is not what I thought snow would be like," complains the young man from California.

On the faded pink rug at the foot of my bed, socks are frolicking. Every night after I climb into bed I toe off whatever socks I'm wearing, and they wind up on the floor in a colorful squiggling pile. It almost seems a shame to gather them up for the laundry. In deep purples, striped reds and whites, oranges and greens, a couple of respectable cream colors, they seem to be having a merry time on the floor.

There are many, floating around at mealtimes. A list of movies she has to see. A list of musical compositions he wants to learn by heart. A list of "must-have" attributes in a boyfriend; a similarly detailed list for the qualities a future girlfriend must possess, to be worthy of long-term consideration. When people settle long-term, I'm told, they're looking for the best "package". The best "deal". This is how the world works, they tell me... and for a little while afterwards I need to be alone.

In math class I'm informed that perplexity is a people-friendly version of entropy. I remain perplexed.

We're all perched around a long table. Plates of miniature ice cream bars, pastries, shortbread, and pineapple wedges get passed around. We argue about and discuss politics, archaeology, history - claims of ownership of artifacts, modern day conflicts, the links between past, present and future.

My boots on loose snow make tiny little squeaks. I don't think I'd have noticed unless I was walking for a long while on snow and walking alone.


Plutarch said...

I like the idea of frolicking socks. Animated articles of clothing are always intriguing; on a washing line inflated by the wind for example.

naida said...

nice idea!

Gigi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, and for your thoughtful comments. Your seven words idea is wonderful. I can imagine that after hearing about people looking for the best package in a future partner, one would need some serious time alone. It just reminded me of the field in which I've worked for many years, which is academia. Increasingly, college administrators are referring to students as "customers" and "consumers." It seems people and education and love are all being packaged as commodities. I don't get it and it gives me chills--not the good kind of chills.

Love your word list, and look forward to reading more!

Relyn Lawson said...

Hello, again. It's been so long that I've been away from blogging. I was just delighted for find your seven words lists still continuing. After reading several, I decided to go back and find the first. So... hello, friend. I am so glad that you do this.