Saturday, February 6, 2010

Week in Seven Words #1

I think I'm going to start a regular feature on this blog. Find seven words associated with seven impressions, memories, and distinctive moments of the past week.

I'm inspired to do this largely by a couple of blogs I've recently discovered - Three Beautiful Things and Now's The Time.

So without further ado, here's the past week in seven words:

The snowman looks like it's wearing a hoop skirt, and two sodden twig arms stick out of its sides. From the window at dusk, it resembles a girl, frozen mid-spin. Snowflakes dance around her.

"This is not what I thought snow would be like," complains the young man from California.

On the faded pink rug at the foot of my bed, socks are frolicking. Every night after I climb into bed I toe off whatever socks I'm wearing, and they wind up on the floor in a colorful squiggling pile. It almost seems a shame to gather them up for the laundry. In deep purples, striped reds and whites, oranges and greens, a couple of respectable cream colors, they seem to be having a merry time on the floor.

There are many, floating around at mealtimes. A list of movies she has to see. A list of musical compositions he wants to learn by heart. A list of "must-have" attributes in a boyfriend; a similarly detailed list for the qualities a future girlfriend must possess, to be worthy of long-term consideration. When people settle long-term, I'm told, they're looking for the best "package". The best "deal". This is how the world works, they tell me... and for a little while afterwards I need to be alone.

In math class I'm informed that perplexity is a people-friendly version of entropy. I remain perplexed.

We're all perched around a long table. Plates of miniature ice cream bars, pastries, shortbread, and pineapple wedges get passed around. We argue about and discuss politics, archaeology, history - claims of ownership of artifacts, modern day conflicts, the links between past, present and future.

My boots on loose snow make tiny little squeaks. I don't think I'd have noticed unless I was walking for a long while on snow and walking alone.