Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the cicada's point of view

Second change of cicada. Digital ID: 806460. New York Public Library

“Four years of hard work in the darkness, and a month of delight in the sun - such is the Cicada’s life. We must not blame him for the noisy triumph of his song. For four years he has dug the earth with his feet, and then suddenly he is dressed in exquisite raiment, provided with wings that rival the bird’s, and bathed in heat and light. What cymbals can be loud enough to celebrate his happiness, so hardly earned, and so very, very short?” -Jean Henri Fabre

In the above passage Fabre finds poetry in entomology, writes about life's magnificence and mystery existing in creatures that we usually don't squint hard enough to see or dig deep enough to find.


Ciara said...

Oh, thank you for this! In a few short words you have taken my hand and shown me something wondrous! I love when something gives you that little moment of 'OH!!'

I would love to read more so will follow your link. Thank you!

HKatz said...

It is one of those eye-opening passages. At the second site I link to above (the Fabre biography site) there's an electronic texts section. The man's passion for his work, life, insects, and nature truly come across.

John Hayes said...

A beautiful passage--thanks!

naida said...

thank you, that is lovely!