Thursday, January 28, 2010

And now, some words from the Bennet sisters

[Morning walking dress, Januar... Digital ID: 1111669. New York Public Library
"I would not wish to be hasty in censuring anyone; but I always speak what I think."

[Evening dress, February 1810.... Digital ID: 1111634. New York Public Library
"I do assure you, Sir, that I have no pretension whatever to that kind of elegance which consists in tormenting a respectable man. I would rather be paid the compliment of being believed sincere. I thank you again and again for the honour you have done me in your proposals, but to accept them is absolutely impossible. My feelings in every respect forbid it. Can I speak plainer? Do not consider me now as an elegant female, intending to plague you, but as a rational creature, speaking the truth from her heart."

[Walking dress, October 1811.] Digital ID: 1111658. New York Public Library
"Far be it from me, my dear sister, to depreciate such pleasures! They would doubtless be congenial with the generality of female minds. But I confess they would have no charms for me - I should infinitely prefer a book."

[March 1810.] Digital ID: 1111635. New York Public Library
"I do not cough for my own amusement."

[Ball dress, July 1810.] Digital ID: 1111640. New York Public Library
"Have you seen any pleasant men? Have you had any flirting?"

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