Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week in Seven Words #340

Playing basketball while wearing glasses.

In a sunset after a thunderstorm, the clouds have a tangerine underbelly.

His dessert is a cookie drowning in half-melted ice cream. It doesn't matter that he won't finish it. Part of the pleasure comes from chasing chunks of cookie around with his fork in the sweet puddle.

Someone who checked out the book before me penciled a warning over one of the short stories: "If after 5 pages you think this is going to change it isn't. It's like swimming in molasses and takes more from you than it gives back."

To find the speech moving, I have to forget most of what I know about the speaker. I just take in the cadence and listen to the phrases promising hope and progress. For a short while, I can believe the speech is real. The world doesn't yet intrude on its promises.

When we step outside, there's a mix of rain and blinding sunlight. The sun has set fire to the rain.

She lays out a tea service for a woman with white woolly hair and a girl with blue ribbons in her braids.


Brian Joseph said...

I love what you wrote for "forewarned". I have borrowed a lot of library books in my life and other then a few fairly enigmatic notes I never received meaningful messages from previous borrowers.

I would not write in book otherwise I think that I would be tempted to leave some myself however. I can always try a stickies and hope that they do not get removed by the library staff:)

Roderick Robinson said...

Forewarned - an act of self-aggrandisement, believing that his/her opinion outweighs all others.

glimmer - but can one surgically remove those associations? The speech is part of the speaker as certainly as his tone of voice and his strangely deformed nose (slightly askew).

The Bookworm said...

lol about "forewarned", was the book good after all?
I like "ignited" too. Enjoy your week!

HKatz said...

@ Brian - it was funny, finding that note :)

@ Roderick - you can't completely remove the speaker from the speech no. I merely tried and it was partly successful in a short-term way.

@ Naida - Thanks! I didn't much like the story, but I could see how other people would find it good.