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Other off-blog writing


Pretty much all of the content of this blog can be found at the other tabs: 7 Words (for the Week in Seven Words feature), Reading Lists, Photos, Movies, and Interviews.

I also have another blog focusing on topics in psychology and neuroscience: Bright Across the Lifespan.


My books

Some exciting projects are underway:

1) A Smoker's Guide to Health and Fitness: Check out the book's website, SmokersFitness.com. It's currently available on Amazon in Kindle format.

2) A novel! I anticipate finishing it in 2013, and publishing it hopefully by the end of 2014. I've been at work on this book on and off since 2004, but only in recent months have I finally understood what I'm meant to do with it: what the story is, what the heart of it is. I look forward to when I can share it with all of you.


Other off-blog writing

Here's a list of other shorter (non-academic) pieces that I've published outside of this blog. I don't spend as much time now on short work as I do on my longer projects (see above) but whenever something new gets published I'll post it here.

Short Stories
An Unexpected Descent
- Bartleby Snopes, November 2013

Human After All
- Front Porch Review, January 2013

Coughing Through Shostakovich
- Subtle Fiction, January 2012

- Halfway Down the Stairs, December 2011

Flash Fiction (<1000 words)
- Guest post at Simple Clockwork, April 2012

Seven Incarnations of a Spinster
- Word Riot, April 2011

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pinky Toe
- Writer's Talk Blog, November 2010

Guest Blog Posts
- posted at Simple Clockwork, April 2012

Writer's Talk Interview
- at Robert Frost's Banjo, November 2010